How will I communicate as a doctor with
patients and colleagues in future?

Why is my practice management software more
of a burden than a relief for my employees?

How can I spend more time with my patients
and less with administration?

What do I have to do to protect my
practice data and patient records?

The future of practice management software
for doctors and patients!

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Doc Cirrus – for doctors and patients

Doc Cirrus offers software solutions, which redefine and facilitate the relationship doctor-doctor and the relationship doctor-patient. For more cost efficiency, dialog and security in medical care.

inSuite – for practice and medical center

The Doc Cirrus inSuite is an easy-to-use and modular practice management software that actively assists you and your employees during the daily medical practice and effectively involves the patients. From booking appointments to billing - inSuite offers solutions, which intelligently support you in meeting administrative requirements.

For doctors who expect more

Doctors and employees expect to be able to focus on the essentials. The Doc Cirrus inSuite stands for more efficiency and less IT.

For satisfied patients

Service and transparency create trust and are the foundations for long term patient relationships and optimal quality of treatment. The Doc Cirrus inSuite delivers the appropriate tools to achieve this.

inSuite – for mobility and freedom

Modern software works independently of place, time and device. The Doc Cirrus inSuite provides doctors and patients with mobility and freedom of choice.

Doc Cirrus – for security and data protection

Security and protection of practice data and patient records are as important as meeting legal requirements. These are implemented in the Doc Cirrus solutions. Automatic updates always keep you up to date.

inTime - the first inSuite service

The appointment and calendar service inTime enables optimal scheduling of consultation hours. Online booking of appointments relieves your employees and an automatic reminder via E-Mail or SMS avoids no-shows. inTime differentiates between scheduled appointments and spontaneous visits and arranges them in an intelligent waiting list.

The problem

Spontaneous practice visits, crowded waiting rooms and rescheduling of appointments: waiting times can hardly be avoided and annoy everyone involved. Patients are stuck in the waiting room and have no idea when they will be seen.

The solution

inTime supports your scheduling and informs employees and patients. Patients can monitor the time remaining until their appointment in real-time on the customizable waiting room TV or via smart phone. They have the chance to leave the waiting room.

inTime – because life is no waiting room

inTime enables you to keep your patients informed wherever they are and so they can actively organise their waiting time. This also relieves the practice employees.

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The Doc Cirrus Principle

Highest demands regarding data protection in the health care system as well as a specific legal environment require solutions that meet the requirements of the current state of technology and current laws. For this reason we have developed a system, which combines the various advantages of web based software with the security and legal compliance of local data management.

Internally as well as externally Doc Cirrus itself places highest value on meeting quality standards and security guidelines. For this reason the company has been certified by external auditors according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO/IEC 27001 (information security). Doc Cirrus is a reliable partner for doctors and patients.

Security and data protection

Doc Cirrus stores sensitive data in the Doc Cirrus Data Safe in your practice or your medical care center – nowhere else. State of the art data encryption standards and a unique security mechanism protect your data from unauthorized third party access.

Availability and speed

Also in case of interrupted Internet connection, the Doc Cirrus services remain available. Fast and productive – your daily work will never stand still. All system components are updated automatically.

Integration and interoperability

The interfaces of the Doc Cirrus Data Safe provide a proper integration of medical technology, card readers and other devices. They also allow an easy transfer of data from your legacy systems.

The Company Doc Cirrus


It is our mission to provide doctors and patients with more than just visions: namely products and solutions, which creatively follow trends, expertly solve problems and provide joy of use. We rethink health IT – think with us.


Doc Cirrus is an interdisciplinary team of experienced medicals and IT-experts. We are united by our enthusiasm for building needs-based products together with our customers based on next generation technologies.


The course for many decisions in the German health care system are set in Berlin. Here we are part of a fascinating ecosystem of creative and experienced companies, especially in the IT sector. This combination makes the German capital an ideal location for Doc Cirrus.


You will find a unique company culture, which arises from trust, appreciation and open mindedness. The founder of Doc Cirrus is a serial entrepreneur, who knows that constant growth and success of a technology company can only be achieved, if every single colleague brings in expertise and takes responsibility.

Currently there are no vacancies.


Doc Cirrus GmbH
Bessemerstr. 82
12103 Berlin
Phone: +49.30.69208872.0
Fax: +49.30.69208872.9